Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Casa Blanca Inn Welcomes Fall in Farmington

The Casa Blanca Inn in Farmington, NM is active with fall garden preparation this month. David is at work in the gardens again this fall in anticipation of the upcoming winter months. Getting the best values on next seasons plants is a favorite project. This year, David will focus on planting more greenery that will flourish throughout the coming years accenting his floral and organic fruit and vegetable gardens.

The breezes are blowing and the roses are still in bloom, but soon the leaves will turn and a stillness will come to the popular Casa Blanca Inn gardens. Huge trees line the street on La Plata where the old Hacienda that houses the Inn sits and as the leaves turn and begin to fall...everyone on staff will be out in force trying to keep up with the piles of color and scent.

Farmington, meanwhile, prepares for the Harvest Festival and an absolute array of activities as we enter the Fall season. Everything from Tractor Pulls to Toltech Festivals to Theatre will grace the region in the next few months. For more information on Farmington Events and activities...please see http://www.farmingtonnm.org/

Between the Casa Blanca Inn, the Don Gaspar Inn and the Blue Lake Ranch...we've got you covered in the Southwest!

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