Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Mexico History at Chaco Canyon

If you are visiting The Casa Blanca Inn to experience New Mexico history, a trip to Chaco Canyon will exceed your expectations. A major center of ancestral Puebloan culture, Chaco Canyon was the center of a thriving culture a thousand years ago, a hub of ceremony, trade, and administration for the prehistoric Four Corners area. When you visit Chaco Canyon, the grand scale of the architecture against a backdrop of stunning landscapes will surprise you. Chaco is remarkable for its multi-storied public buildings, ceremonial buildings, and distinctive architecture. These structures required considerable planning, designing, organizing of labor, and engineering to construct.

Many Southwest Indian people look upon Chaco as an important stop along their clans' sacred migration paths-a spiritual place to be honored and respected. While visiting, explore Una Vida, Hungo Pavi, Chetro Ketl, Pueblo Bonito, Casa Rinconada, Pueblo del Arroyo, Petroglyph Trail and Outliers. For information and directions, reference the National Park Service or call (505) 786-7014 ext. 221.

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