Friday, April 9, 2010

Exploring the Salmon Ruins

If visiting The Casa Blanca Inn, we recommend you take an afternoon to visit the Salmon Ruins nearby. Salmon Ruins is a site that hosts a Chacoan Anasazi great house built between approximately 1088 CE and 1100 CE. The complex contained 150 ground-level rooms arranged into a D-shaped configuration and up to 100 estimated second-floor rooms above them. Situated on the north bank of the San Juan River, the pueblo is located 45 miles north of Pueblo Bonito in Chaco Canyon.

The walls of the Salmon great house are constructed of thin sandstone slabs in the Chaco Canyon style with room blocks enclosing a large plaza containing a great kiva measuring 50 feet in diameter, similar to the one found at Aztec. There is also a "tower kiva", similar to the one at Chetro Ketl in Chaco, situated in the center of the main roomblock. The roof of the kiva was supported by four large columns built of alternating layers of stone and wood.

In addition to exploring these structures, on a visit to Salmon Ruins, you can see a 19th century homestead, picnic under a ramada, investigate replicas of a sweatlodge, hogan, tipi, or pithouse, see ancient artifacts and interesting "new" exhibits, conduct research in an extensive library specializing in the archaeology and history of the American Southwest, and browse a unique gift shop and archaeological reference materials.

Salmon Ruins is located at 6131 U.S. Hwy. 64 in Farmington, NM. For more information, reference the official Salmon Ruins website or call 505-632-2013.

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